How To Look For The Right Storage Facility To Manage Your Self-Storage Unit

29 Oct

If you will be moving and downsizing to a smaller house, or if your kid is going away for college and need his things to be kept someplace else, or if you no longer have room in your house, it is best to find yourself a trustworthy storage facility to manage your self-storage unit.
The first thing you should do is to identify what items do you need to store in that self-storage unit and if it really needs to be kept or can be thrown away.

Know the size of the self-storage unit that you need by doing an initial measurement at home, the standard sizes of the self-storage units can be easily found online.

One type of self-storage units are climate or temperature controlled, so if your laptop or old television sets are included in the list of things to store you might want to consider having that kind of unit, in addition, to ensure that your items will be safe from theft, strict security and monitoring must be exercised in the storage facility. Know more about 
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You should find a storage facility which you can access any time of the day.

Talk with the storage facility management if their gate hours is the same with their office hours so that you can be sure that you can access your items anytime.

Ask the storage facility if you can see the self-storage unit and find out their policies, for example, some storage facilities are strict when it comes to the deadline of the payment and a few days delay may cause your items to be sold for auction.

It is important that your items are insured in case of emergencies like fire or theft, so ask if insurance is included, if not, ask how much if you would add it to the rent.

Choose a self-storage unit that is just enough for your items to be properly stored, meaning the unit must not be small for it might be too tight and will cause damages.

Don't be too picky on the location of the storage facility since you will only be visiting it when you need to get an item stored in the self-storage unit.

Before choosing a storage facility, conduct a research on the best in the industry by reading reviews online from previous or current customers, or ask someone you know what storage facility they entrust their valuables with. Check out
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Do a canvass, compare prices from your shortlist of storage facilities and choose one that will meet all of the above-mentioned criteria.

Be thorough on the search for a good storage facility so that you will be getting your money's worth and there will be no damages to your valuables.

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